Snowmageddonpocalypse 2017: 4 Inches of Headache and What’s Upcoming on Ye Olde Blog.

The great Snowmageddonpocalypse Tsunami of death has come and gone here in North Carolina. Where I live, in the Triad, I didn’t get it as bad as some folks. I think at most, maybe four to six inches. Folks a bit north of me got somewhere in the neighborhood of a foot. Being from New England originally, for me, it wasn’t really that bad. I do pretty well at driving in snow and ice and I know how to prepare for a few days being snowed in.

The rest of North Carolina, not so much.

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Both of my Diamondback Bikes broke, and I’d still buy another one.

I don’t currently own a Diamondback bicycle. As a matter of fact, the last two I did own, they provided me with a fair bit of troubles. Mind you, this was all back in April, before I went under the knife for a bum ankle. The first one, the derailleur exploded after about 10 miles. The second, which they sent me as a replacement (I’ll get into that in a minute), it ended up having a small crack in the frame by the bottom bracket shell, right next to the drive side crank arm.

I’d still buy another one. In a second.

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I bought a thing.

With my birthday being tomorrow, I got a little bit of unexpected cash from a family member and decided to treat myself to a birthday present. Obviously, given the nature of this blog, it’s fair to say that I rather enjoy bicycles…so I bought a new one.

Maybe this is a midlife crisis, or I’m trying to recapture some bygone era of my youth….but I bought a BMX. I’ll go into the specs later. I may even make it my first vlog, and do an unboxing.

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Product Review: Topeak Hexus II Multi Tool

I am a firm believer that a good multi tool is king. This is mostly because I hate pushing my bike. I’d much rather be pedaling it. Anything that can let me fix a (minor) mechanical on the side of the trail and get me back to rolling, I’m a pretty firm proponent of keeping around.

I’ve actually got a few multi tools floating around. A Spin Doctor, which is Performance’s in house brand. I think I’ve got a generic ebay one or two floating around here somewhere as well.

The Topeak is the one I keep in my bag for a few reasons:

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“The Regiment”

When I decided I wanted to try racing come the Summer, I realized a couple of things:

One, being laid up from surgery has left me horribly out of shape. Horribly.

Second, I really needed to fix that.

I figured, since a lot of my hope in writing this blog is for it to be a learning experience, that maybe by putting this out there, some folks that stumble across it might offer some tips, I figured I’d share what my “workout week” looks like. Granted, people may just tell me I’m a loser, I should probably kill myself, or try and sell me “Male enhancement products and/or pumps”. Or no one will ever see this and it will get lost in the massive void of cyberspace. This is the internet, after all.

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